Wednesday, July 22, 2009


This week hasn't been as good for me in getting the 4 in as the last few weeks, I know Friday i'll make it to the gym as well as Sunday. So i must fit in two more days of cardio, or yoga or something. Tuesdays where i work they have DBT group (Dialectical Behavior Therapy). This therapy teaches people to deal with everyday problems and road blocks that WE all incur. yesterday's class was based on enjoying the moment. So many of Us get wrapped up in what happened in the past, or what might happen in the future...... we miss what is happening now. We have no guarantee's in life...... our lives can change in a blink of an eye, an accident, a lost job, a death, our own death. we are so busy so wrapped up in work and problems.... we don't notice the sunrise or the sunset, or the rain storm, or the little puppy playing in the yard with a young child... My daughter has most of her two years of college in now, and she wanted to take off a semester, i being the wise one that has lived longer, became a little upset at this, knowing that she NEEDS her degree NOW!! she told me finally that, she is unsure if she wants to go into nursing, or now elementary education. She is 19, she works very hard. she is very responsible, and has helped us out greatly during the "great strike of 2009". Katie must make her own way in life, i can't dictate what I want her to do. I then remembered my X brother and sister in law.... Today they would love to have the same situation as me, they would LOVE to have Alex unsure of college, take a 1/2 year or a year off, to figure out what he wants in life..... they would give both arms, legs, their home and finances to have that opportunity........ Alex died almost 2 years ago when he was just 18...... oh for Bob and Gail to have that opportunity again!!! Alex's death has taught me more than any group or class could ever do. I have held my kids a little tighter, laughed with them a little more, and decreased my "sweating the small stuff" more often. Katie will be fine, and she is happy, healthy, and thriving!!!
It has been storming on and off all week, supposed to again today... i don't mind hiking in the rain, but i can't hike during thunder and lightning...... i'll have to make do.
Eating wise, I am doing well, i figured out a neat way not to eat around the Lapband. I will eat breakfast, and then i set my timer on my watch for 3 1/2 hrs. I cannot eat anything until the timer goes off. eat Lunch, set timer, eat a protein snack, set timer eat dinner set timer...... and if i am hungry after dinner i wait the allotted time, and have another small snack of a light yogurt, or a sugar free pudding ( breakfast around 8am, lunch around 11:30am, snack around 3pm, dinner 6:30pm,..... and if i need the final snack i eat it at 9 pm). One of my counselors from the Prep study called me last night, and they thought that was a great idea, and they haven't heard anyone do that..... hey it works.
well i better get going it is 7am and i want to get in my yoga before i change my mind....
Have a great day

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