Friday, July 24, 2009

Katie, Katie, Katie

the one response from the last blog entry, was from none other than my daughter Katie, it shows a side by side of me and Susan Boyle*the Great Britain sensation from Britain's got talent, Katie thinks we look so much alike........ I don't see it, now the picture she used of me was me as a teenager just waking up....... I don't see it...... not sure how Katie does.
Katie came to my rescue once more, sometimes she is such a good girl. Well it is no secret that Bill has been on strike All and i mean ALL summer. finances are tight, we have managed, and God has provided just fine. Bill went back to work on Monday, But pays won't start until next Friday. I wasn't sure about groceries, But it just so happened, we have one credit card that we refuse to let them "up" the balance available, we will use this card, and pay it off in full that month. well luckily it was set back to balance 0. so we decided to take it yesterday to by groceries, and we were in desperate need of tires too...... got the tires no problem, get our groceries a couple hundred bucks worth,........ and .......and I hate when this happens, the card would NOT work... we KNEW that it was good.... we just checked the balance available... the girl at the check out counter was quite ditsy...... nice but very ditsy.... and we just figured out she screwed up somewhere.... well it isn't like we had any other way to pay, we don't own anymore credit cards, cash was a laugh......... it so happens that Bill for some odd reason, had the check book with him..... so we paid by check..... now mind you, our checking account is pretty much empty...... well God Bless my little Girl....... again she saves the day. had a check for Bill on the table this morning for 250 dollars to put into our checking account to cover the walmart grocery bill. She has really helped us out this summer, never complaining, sometimes teasing, but she has even taken the boys out to Lunches and treats, has taken me and Bill out to eat on occasions just for a treat for Us. there have even been times she has given......not loaned us money....... just for groceries!!! When Bill got home he immediately contacted the Credit card company, and they verified the ditsy girl did do something wrong, and somehow, don't ask me how, she triple did the total amt button......... and screwed things up. So if Katie does need to purchase something between now and our payday we at least have the card she could use.....
I am proud of my family.... all the boys worked extra, and have done odd jobs knowing our financial situation has been tight, Katie has gone the extra mile, Bill helps me clean the office, Kids trying to do more at home (most of the time) and not asking for anything.......... They are my "wealth", and there is nothing the economy can do to take that wealth away from me..... i am blessed with my family.
Today is Friday, I'll go into work for a few hours, Bill and I will clean the office this evening so the weekend is free. my work picnic tomorrow, i think I've almost talked all of my boys into coming for a while, Katie is working!........ and just maybe Sunday can be a day of rest. well that and a Johnny workout.
Have a great weekend

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