Thursday, July 09, 2009

Baby Jacob

I have a friend who is a couple years older than me, she has one son who is 11, and she always wanted more kids...... well she got her wish just a month a go. In this picture I am holding her son who she tried so hard to get, (she gave me permission to post this on my blog,) He is absolutely adorable, and he snuggled with me for two days. I love him to pieces, but i do not want another one, it never crossed my mind. I have 4 kids, and my youngest is 14 going to be 15 this December. I don't think i would want to start all over again. besides i have all these new babies to love, Paige, Jacob, and my brother and his wife just had their 3rd child Jude, Bill and I are getting used to just getting up and going....
I am finding that i am really not missing having a computer all that much, guess i am too busy anyhow. Thursday is my one day off from exercise. Chris and I plan on going to the gym tomorrow morning before i come to work. Sat a nice hike 5+ miles, and Sunday a workout with Johnny.
I do wish Bill will get back to work, I think it is starting to get to him. I know it is starting to get to me a little We are doing okay and I am forever thankful of all the blessings I have. but still we are going on 2 months without Bills income, we can't get unemployment, food stamps, health insurance........ Gee how cool God's plan for me to leave Kiski at just the right time. If I were still at Kiski, i'd be off for the summer........and we would be in big trouble!! I guess He still knows what he is doing!!!
I am so happy at this Job, and there has already been talk about giving me more pt involvement. Kathie, my boss from the methadone clinic, who got me in here, told me all about, and let me just say without going into detail yet........ this Doctor must really have faith in me! although i would need to pray and meditate for the answer, as i just know as i know as i know........ That God wants more from me....... so we shall see.
Well I should get going, it is usually quiet here at the office on Thursdays....... staff speaking, usually i have more calls to field than what i am getting today....... but that could change in a second...... you never know
I may not be able to get on until next week, know that i am well, and feeling great........ Oh Oh, Oh, i was able to wear size 16's this weekend....... (not all 16 fit though) Lydia was quite surprised, she said the few pictures at my sisters wedding didn't do me justice, i told her pictures are all in the
oh i should also let you know that Christina's computer hasn't been working either..... just so you know....

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