Saturday, October 16, 2010

Best of Friends!!!

Katie's dog Izzy, and the family Cat Jesse enjoy sharing Katie's bedroom window. believe it or not, the cat is the boss of ALL the animals including the 130 lb Malamute.
Things are going quite well for me, I think the weight is really dropping, because although i don't use the scale, i am pulling out more and more clothes from the bottom of my closet.
I think i am on day 28 of no added sugar........ i just don't want to start, and it isn't a need. I was so proud of myself at work on Thursday....... somebody had made these wonderful brownies..... i was the only one that did not have one. and i am not being really crazy either..... it would be nice if i can keep this up throughout the holidays.
NOW about the no white flour......... i slipped on Friday, wasn't paying attention. had my grilled fish and veggies for lunch, went to Sammy's football game..... didn't eat.... watching game.... not thinking Bill brought back a yummy Stromboli.......... i had two bites, I think i am going to keep focusing on no sugar. and 90% whole grains, whole wheat, etc. And when i am ready i will do the no white flour thing :0).
I am loving this time of year, loving the weather, loving my family..... there is just such a peace and calmness about my house.... and i am loving it.
I was scheduled to go for a lap band fill in November....... but i notice that it seems to be working fine......... and the no sugar thing has really helped me too. I guess if i keep losing at this rate....... keep feeling full after a cup of food...... all is well......... i'll wait a couple more weeks before i call and change that.
Had a wonderful afternoon with Christina, Megan, Paige and Katie..... we went to the coolest little Pumpkin patch.... Paige rode a pony, and played games with hay and corn. we all enjoyed a beautiful hayride to the pumpkin patch up on the hill, Megan got beautiful scenery pictures. And two year old Paige knew exactly what do ........... she kept going from pumpkin to pumpkin... no like, too heavy, too dirty, too slimey, a bug on this one, ugly. She had so much fun. they were making homemade Apple butter on the site, outside on an open pit, 100% of the proceeds went to the four footed friends..... FUN DAY!
Well i am going to get going now.......... maybe read a little, Have a great weekend.....

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