Friday, October 08, 2010

18th day and Energized

I've attempted to blog several times, and just can't find the time... so maybe i'll make this brief. I am still on the NO Sugar/junk foods kick. Today is the 18th day. and believe me, i have been around the stuff. BUT I have not faltered. i feel so good, and the inches have been melting off, haven't felt bloated or yucky... i am very busy, not usually tired.... BUT when it is time for me to go to bed, i've been sleeping like a baby!!! I don't see a problem now with going 21 days with no sugar and on Monday i am going to start 21 days no white flour.... and i might as well keep NOT doing the sugar along with it. Didn't realized that i could be so stubborn when i put my mind to it. that first week was so hard...... it was the worst both mentally and physically....but getting past that, and it really isn't an issue. Well i gotta get my butt back to work, leave early for my son's game plan on a hike and a bike ride this weekend.....
have a great weekend


Kellie said...

Have a great weekend! YOU can do the no white flour!!!!!!!! I can do the no refined sugar but no artificial sweeteners is the hard one for me.
YOU are inspiring
Love ya

Chris said...

Sandi I hate to tell you this, but your middle name is Stubborn!!! :)