Thursday, October 14, 2010

The 21 days of No white flour... more difficult

well lets see, this is DAY 4 of no white flour.... it seems more difficult for me in different way. I am not craving like i did with the sugar. but i am surprised what has the "white flour" in it. even "innocent" food have me stumped like a flour tortilla. I am ONLY eating 100% whole wheat or whole grains. I found at Trader Joe's yesterday wild brown rice wraps, curious to try those. Speaking of Trader Joe's Christina and I went to Visit her Daughter and new grandson... i had a wonderful day. Jeanine is so full of information regarding foods, herbs, grains..... and i actually tried a recipe at her house for lunch it was Toasted Quinoa Pilaf, my first time to try this grain. the recipe called for garlic and shallots and thyme, bay leaf, chicken broth, and roasted red pepper. It was delicious and SOOOOOOOOO filling and it kept me full for several hours. I am still not eating sweets either.... just not ready to start again. I must say this is the fastest that i am losing "inches" as i am not using the scale. but my clothes are starting to get loose, and i am able to wear some pants that i haven't worn in seven years....
I've managed to get a small hike in here and there with Bill in the evenings. But after my foot doctor appointment on Tuesday.... he wants me to only use my bike. there may be a stress fracture that is not healing near the joint. i have to go for a MRI so they can look at the foot better. So I think i'll get a good bike ride in this weekend for sure :0) i have this huge Camie boot that i should wear at ALL times to immobilize the foot. I do not like it. So IF and When i have Surgery i plan on being closer to my goal weight. therefore that is why i am being so strict with my diet and keeping away from Sugar, and now learning to live without white flour.
Well i should get my butt in gear, work this evening........ lots of laundry to do........ house to clean.
Have a great day today

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Kellie said...

YOU can do it Sandi!!! If any one can you can. Miss you <3