Monday, October 11, 2010

I tortured myself.....BUT i did IT :0)

After the completion of yesterday, i survived 21 days without added Sugar!!! the torture part is I made an apple pie yesterday.......... normally i would have picked at the pie all day..... it looked so good, and Bill said it was the best pie I ever made.... i really wanted a slice. So then i think i can have a small slice tomorrow...... WRONG.. i am now starting a 21 day of no white flour, plus i am going to try and keep the no added sugar thing going.
Just when i thought i can tolerate my foot issues........ Saturday night it would shoot out sharp pains so strong that it would wake me up from a dead sleep.......... all night long! and the same shooting pain continued all day Sunday... i didn't have to be walking on it...... just sitting there it would throb and shoot pain. I go to the doctor tomorrow, so i shall see what my next step is.
It was a beautiful weekend and i loved just being home.......... quite honestly i am finding i am enjoying being home so much i'd rather be here than anywhere else. All the kids were home also.... they came and went, but spend the majority at home......
I work today, and am off on Wednesday. I don't mind. my co worker has a young son, and when the school doesn't have Monday class she likes to switch me. I am going to go in early and come home at 2'ish
Well i am going to get going here........ make my protein shake, and pack my lunch do i want turkey, fish, or chicken........ hmmm what to make :0). another "warm" day today and then back to the cooler crisp weather....... whatever God gives me I will take

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