Monday, October 04, 2010

The Perimeter

Well i Did survive Paige's Party without even tasting the yummy icing on her cake, or without tasting one little ginger snap cookie with Pumpkin pie dip. I didn't even have Pizza as i wasn't sure my Lap band could handle the crust. I did however enjoy the warm buffalo chicken, chili cheese, and taco dip with tortilla chips. What i did wrong was ........ i did not measure or put my food on a plate, i just sorta picked........ not good, but nothing to beat myself up over.
Well for the first time in almost forever, pretty much the entire family is "........ on the same page" Bill is not eating sweets he is on his first week, as today is my 15th DAY of NO SUGAR!!Both Katie and Andrew are really into health as they are both going into that field. and Sammy well he is 15 has a bottomless pit, and eats anything. I looked in the Pantry and i see the "Zingers" haven't been touched in over a week. however i can't keep the Apples, plums, banana's, Almond butter, and yogurt in the house. Saturday morning was the first time that when i got groceries i shopped the PERIMETER of the store. first and only went to the center for a few things after wards....... I got eggs, 1% and skim milk, low fat, sugar free, yogurt, light sour cream, lean turkey breast, and chicken breast for sandwiches, low fat cheese, chicken breast, fish whole grain 100 calorie rounds, apples, plums, grapes, banana's, lettuce, tomato's, and in the center of the store i picked up some nuts, frozen veggies, whole wheat tortilla's, whole wheat pasta, some spices.... and a few other odds and ends........... I must confess though... it is way more expensive this way, than the other way i shopped. the Wal-mart cashier told me that they are pushing healthy life styles with the employee's however the store discount they get does not cover the perimeter foods, just the boxed processed foods, etc.
I think Christina and i are going to an Apple orchard today so i can pick up a bushel of apples, as i can't keep them in the house right now.... it is cold and rainy outside, so i plan on making a beef stew and homemade biscuits for dinner...... it is a beautiful day today...... and i plan on keeping it that way. :)

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