Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Gettyburg getaway.....

well i just got back from a nice little getaway with Bill. I don't post this before hand on my blog, nor on facebook, as i don't want any idiots knowing that we are away, esp with the kids here :0).
We had a wonderful wonderful time. Sunday night we did a "ghost hunt" using the same tools that you see on those tv shows., we visited the museums, and walked the Cemetery and the battle field. Bill's brother and his wife who lives in Philadelphia, met us there. we stayed in the same hotel, and went to alot of the things together, but we also did things on our own too. it was so relaxing.
I am really really noticing that i am dropping sizes very fast..... and i am noticing an increase in my energy....... it is almost like i've been working so hard for so long, and those months when i didn't lose any weight, i keep plugging along....... and it seems like since i've eliminated sugar, regular and artificial,....... CLICK!!! my metabolism has woke up. I almost gave myself permission to share a dessert while away...but honestly, i didn't need it. and did not partake in what the others were enjoying :-). I am not so crazy... for instance Bill asked me to "taste" a piece of fudge because he couldn't determine the flavor... i didn't even take a bite, but rubbed my pinky finger across it and tasted it that way... also finally after having the Lapband for a year and a half, i notice NOW it is working even better than when i got it. So if we went somewhere, I'd get a bowl of soup, and eat about 1/4th of whatever Bill ordered.....
we ended up eating a meal at the Gettysburg famous Dobbin House Tavern, the one splurge for US, however it ended up not being a splurge as we decided to try the Tavern and not the Restaurant. and i knew realistically after i ate my French onion soup, i would not be able to eat anything else.......... it was so yummy.... and i was so happy with that spurge, i didn't miss the dessert or the meal. a bite of Bill's steak, was perfect. Bill ended up having ice cream, and fudge, and gourmet chocolates, and alot of other yummies....... :0). After this vacation, i think i will not have much problem over the holidays......... however we shall see.
Well i have a bedroom to organize, and clothes to wash.... oh and one more thing.
Bills sister in law, who is a sweetheart, happened to be really sick........ coughing and hacking the entire time..... i truly hope that i do not get it.......... but i will increase my fluids, and take time to rest, and start my teas............. and hope that i can resist the germs that surrounded me over the weekend....
I'll keep in touch.

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Patti's Parlor said...

I'm glad you had a great time.
Yes, do start the war against germs, just in case.
Love you g/f.