Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Well i didn't get sick

Nope no sickness here yet........ I do not want to jinks myself by saying that. but then again i do know that doesn't work that way. I am just aware that i am around so much sickness..... and i am focusing more on my defensive plan right now. lets face it I can't know or control were these little viruses are..... there is only so much hand sanitizer that one can use. So i will continue to eat healthy, drink lots of fluids, get lots of rest, and keep stress at bay....
Had a beautiful day yesterday. I did have the little girl I babysit for, however after that i hung out at Christina's with her daughter, daughter in law and grandchildren.
back to babysitting briefly..... lately, we spend a good bit of time doing physical outdoors activities. Monday we "hiked' a mile, ended up at a play ground were we played before hiking back home. she lives right next to one of the trail heads i usually bike on. so she thought it was quite an adventure. she was even worried I'd get lost.. Yesterday we visited a Cemetery that my mom and dad are buried at. I am not attached to it, but it is a really cool place to visit... we walked all around the tombstones and the 4 year old was asking all kinds of questions, like how old were they when they died? were they married? we walked and visited the stones for almost an hour........ she did tell me at one point........... " you know Sandi, they really aren't in the rocks (tombstones) don't you know they live with Jesus, and he lives in heaven" oh out of the mouth of babes. she did not understand the burial in ground.... and i didn't explain. After her sister came home from school...... i high tailed it out to Christina's to visit those very beautiful babies. Katie came down for a minute before she was called to work. all i can say as when we are together....... there is SO MUCH LAUGHTER !!!
also i should say that Chris went for a hike with me yesterday, first time we both went in quite a while. it feels so good to be out walking again :0). there is no reason that I cannot hike in the winter..... no reason at all.
well I have a busy day today, taking Sam for a follow up doctor appointment, and then somewhere to get shoes and maybe a pair of pants. take him back to school and then i head to work........ thank goodness i love my job....... still have no stress going (two years later).
have a great day folks

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