Monday, November 08, 2010

Silence...... was so loud this morning

So i text Christina yesterday, about going for a walk early this am. i asked Katie about a walk this early AM. Well Christina didn't get her text, and Katie didn't wake up. i have been going hiking with someone else for so long..... i almost forgot what it is like going alone. But i decided that maybe i can't go for the 5 and 10 mile hikes right now, because of my foot. BUT there is no reason why i can't do 2, 3 or 4 mile hikes more often. Years ago i used to go every day to hike my Conemaugh damn, just me and usually Juneau, or Sadie. but this morning i didn't even take a dog. as a rule it is better and safer to hike with someone....... i had my knife, i had my spray. i had my phone. even called Bill to tell him i would be hiking alone and would be back to the car within an hour. I am really feeling good, and i was able to hike 3 miles early this morning. it was so crisp and fresh. and i actually paid attention to the silence..... no birds chirping, no wind rustling the leaves. I could hear a train in the distance, and an occasional piece of machinery at work. it was actually very nice, it isn't good to be so silent going through the woods, as you can startle a bear or other animal....... so i started to hum, thank goodness i was the only one on the little mountain this morning :0) i am not a good hummer!!! i have been so busy, but feeling so good. so i wasn't happy when i got such a major headache and neck ache this afternoon. i will know tomorrow morning if i am "catching" something or if it was a just allergy related. i am increasing my fluid by an extra 32 oz., and going to drink an extra 4 cups of tea......
wow time is flying by ...... I love this time of the year, I am still not doing sugar..... it has been....... holy cow i just went back on my blog to see when i started this..... it has been 50 days no added sugar ......... 50 days :0). and my body is showing it, both outwardly and inwardly.
well i am going to get a hot bath, put on some peppermint oil..... crawl into bed, rest and drink......
blessings and love to all

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Patti's Parlor said...

"i am not a good hummer!!!"
Sorry Sandi, that cracked me up!