Monday, November 22, 2010

The worst muscle fatigue i can remember in a long time

well okay so i did Wii fit Active on Weds, and again on Thurs. the workouts like focusing on squats and lunges. as well as cardio and using exercise bands. Thursday at work i couldn't even do the steps my leg and butt muscles hurt so bad. not an injury type of hurt, but a muscle burn recovery type of hurt!!!. well i didn't take into account that on friday i would be walking in DC all day. the bus literally took us to one area, and we walked all over, I clocked over 6 miles. I used the steps in all the museums, and i am not going to lie, I was in agony from the waist down..... but in a good way. I was really proud how i ate also, i packed cut up fruit. low fat cheese, high fiber whole grain crackers, carrots and i measured out a serving of nuts. i also drank tons of water. at dinner i ended up getting a grilled chicken wrap but could only eat 1/3 of it cause my lapband was tight. AND i did not eat sweets. i have been surrounded by sweets. Bill tried to talk me into taking a bite of donut that Katie got yesterday.... nope!, we have DOUBLE STUFFED OREO"S. and i have not and will not have one...... and i have never in my life turned down a double stuffed oreo. I have been surrounded by illness as i've said in a previous post, and by the Grace of God I have not gotten it yet....... not sure how i am not getting sick... it's prob saving up and gonna hit me over Christmas....... what will be, will be !!!!
Well i already did my workout this am, and I do babysit, so i should get going. tomorrow i'll check and see if Christina wants to hit the great out doors
Have a great day and many blessings

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