Tuesday, October 14, 2008


well, what a beautiful day today. the colors are amazing, wow God is such an artist. Bill and I went for a hike today and it felt so good to be out doors, i could choose hanging with Christina in a smoky stale club house, or I could be out in the great out doors with Bill, sorry Chris, i picked Bill and the great outdoors. He took me and Katie out to Lunch at the Olive Garden, went over to hang at Barnes and Noble, and it has just been a nice afternoon.
Well I am maintaining my eating, and it will be nice to really focus again. although i must say, i can NOT eat like I used too, even at olive garden i didn't finish my plate, ate only 1/2 cup of pasta with marinara sauce, and 1 slice of eggplant. i had no desire for dessert either. Now Katie on the other hand, ordered dessert first, she told the waitress, "i always wait until the end to get dessert, and then i don't want it, so now bring it first" gotta love that girl she knows what she wants.
Wow, i am sitting here listening to these dogs......... we wore them out on the hike, they are panting so fast........all three, oh yeah i forgot to mention, John borrowed his dog Louie last sat, and said he'd bring him back on Sunday......... well how dare he take his own dog back, i had to call him on weds to see where the dog was, he brought him back on Thursday.......... something about Louie that you gotta love.
well i am going to work on my diet plan

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Anonymous said...

all i see is green still. horrible pictures to show the fall colors. (: