Monday, October 06, 2008


Christina's neice had gotten a few Wicked the Musical tickets for last night, and i was so excited to be one of those ticket owners :0). There is a certain time of the day now that I have to be with Bill to do his IV and his dressing change...... the timing was right under the wire. I was done working with Bill at 3:30 and I was picked up at 3:35. We met Jeanine in Pittsburgh and had dinner at the Atria's or something like that. I had Chicken Maderia, made with Mushrooms and Asparagus, it was so yummy. We had a really nice time, and Bill and the boys did fine. i must say I sorta missed Bill, it's just that we have been connected at the hip for over a week now, and it was almost like a new mother leaving her child for the first time...... But I did fine.

I have so much catching up to do on all of my Dietary books and homework, i must say although i didn't go nuts, this past week, I did NOT think about my 'eating/diet/healthy habits........ again, it just didn't seem to be a priority in my mind.

oh we did do some walking in Pittsburgh, and I couldn't beleive it, the first little walk we did in order to get from the Benedum to the Atria's, we sorta went the L>O>N>G way, within 50 feet i started to wheeze, can you believe it??....... I didn't panic and i managed, walking back I had no problem, and even walking up the many many many many steps to the top row of the Theater didn't cause wheezing, oh i was tired, as we all were, But no wheezing..... I thought, oh no, here it goes again, bet I have a tough time sleeping tonight.....but Nada, nothing, no breathing problems or congestion, or stuffy nasal passages..... I just do not want a repeat of last year.
Today is another busy day. Visiting Nurses will be coming, the wound nurse has to see Bill, and I'd like them to check his IV line, it just isn't right to me. Judy and Beth want me to go for a walk this AM, and I may if Bill will stay and wait for the Nurse to call.
Well after almost a month of I'll call you........I finally made the time to Call Kellie, hey girl it was so good talking to you, I know it was a quick 15 minutes in between IV bottles......but hey, I know that you are now "There" lol. hint hint. I realize you are so busy so I am just teasing.
Baby Paige is home, and i must say that Christina's just beaming...... I just know she is going to have a tough time sharing..... i just know it.

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Patti's Parlor said...

I want to see Wicked so bad. When it was here someone else was going to buy the tickets and by the time she tried it was sold out ;-(
Hopefully next time it's in town.
I can't wait to hear what the wound nurse has to say about Bill's speedy healing.