Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Help! I DIDN'T fall, But i still can't get UP!!!

Let me just say that Christina and I had our first appointment with my brother John, He wants to see us every Tuesday and Friday! We didn't work out long, but we were able to use every muscle in the body! When we got there John told Us that today he just had to observe, do a "few" exercises just so he could evaluate our fitness level, our technique and body mechanics, and to see if we have any "danger" muscles that need watched.( like sore knees or shoulders) He had us do Core exercises so the abdomen is always being used. Christina was a hoot, need i say more, and when Johnny got out the exercise ball, Chris and I looked at each other and remembered the ball in Kim's apartment, lets just say that Christina isn't the most um, graceful on a ball.... i am just sayin'!!!
you know, my brother is so sweet, and I am proud to call him my brother. and he knows his stuff.......BIG time!!! There two days a week and two really good Cardio walks is all that is needed during the week. and then any leisure walks are hikes are a bonus!!
I am feeling good, i am on day I am on day 5 of 9 in working days........ by Sunday I will be exhausted. I think i am going to try and move, get a nice hot bath, and crawl into a cozy bed and read with a hot cup of tea

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