Saturday, January 31, 2009

~my back~

Okay, maybe i did look a little funny sliding down our driveway flat on my back......but really it was no fun. Thursday night after bill picked me up at work, and we could not make it up the icy driveway..... so i walked up to the house, got a bag of ashes (from the wood burner) to place strategically on the driveway....... he made it up .......and i made it down...... I slipped on the ice and fell really hard on my back. If i would have only "went with the fall", but of course my automatic reaction was to try and stop the fall, which caused a twisting pain in my lower back, between my shoulder blades, my wrist and knee. After talking to Johnny on friday morning......we both came to the conclusion that do nothing physical for 48 hours. and then start with light stretching and mild cardio........ and he will work with me on Tuesday. today i feel i tightness in my back but not so much bad pain. Yesterday on the other hand........ i couldn't even stand up right, and i sorta walked like what resembled an Ape or a Neanderthal!!! ....... i mean i am just sayin'.
So here i sit at work, and actually it isn't feeling too bad, we will see what will happen after i start moving again.

I am feeling pretty good, there is so much sickness at Kiski right now..... but i am really keeping up on my vitamins, Xtra C, resting and drinking tons of fluids.......nothing more i can do.....

i haven't been writing down my food selections as of late, i think i've missed 4 days..... which is a big NO NO. so today i am making sure i am writing down everything....... I've been making green tea /for my water, no sugar, no nothing...... and i've been drinking 48oz's daily...... i steep the tea bags about 4 minutes that is it.... sometimes i add a scoop of Raspberry Herbal loose tea just for a touch of flavor. well Bill is here i am going to chat with him


Kellie said...

AWWWWW Sandi I am so sorry about the fall. But by any chance did any one get it on video? "I'm just sayin" You know I love ya!
I can't remember but are you allowed to use Stevia as a sweetner? I have been using that and doing the no soda or what evers. Just drinking tea hot or cold with the stevia and I have noticed that I am not wanting to eat in the evenings like I use to do. Stevia is a O glycemic sweetner and if you buy it in the packets you can aslo get it with fiber. So all is good.
Hope you are doing ok with your back. I can totally understand your pain. Just take it easy and ice and heat alternating.
Love ya

Patti's Parlor said...

Ouch! BTW, no ice in Arizona (just sayin').