Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Okay Patti I get the hint

yeah guess i did leave my blog with the "my back" episode and haven't updated..... so i get a call from Patti tonight......."how is your back" and then i read Kellie's blog....... and all i can say is opps, and i am sorry LOL.
Yesterday was my first day working out with Johnny, on sunday i really pulled it again while i was rushing to get ready for the Superbowl parties i was attending. .. well we got to the gym a good 20 minutes before our scheduled work out so that I could really do a good 20 minute cardio warm up. John didn't take it easy on me, but he worked it "smart", gee the more i work with him the more i realize he really DOES know what he is doing. I felt absolutely no pain, he would set me up for a certain exercise and i would say........Johnny that is going to hurt my back.... and he would say No it isn't, ..... and he was so right....... it was a tough work out, he said that Chris and I are too out of shape to miss 10 days....... but on the other hand a good work out week, and we will have gained all we lost. Oh and I must say that he got a little firm with me yesterday, he mentioned it to Chris too, but not as much as he kept telling me.......... " I give you two days a week of my time, I don't mind........but can't you give yourself 1 DAY. so he said we have to do a weight training workout at home on Sunday. He wasn't joking either. and he is right. I am so lucky to have Johnny, and he really really wants to see me succeed, he knows like me, how painful it is to lose your mom at such a young age, he doesn't want my kids to go through that too, plus he'd miss his sister!!! I think Chris gave John a jokingly excuse about going to Church on Sunday........ and he said something like what is your Church address 88 Plymouth Rock in the 1700's, does church go for 8 to 10 hours???..... He is so cute :0). Needless to say I WILL be working out on Sunday....... Oh i must add, i took no medication for my back.......... nothing, not even an Ibuprofen..... i've been using Ice and Heat, Whirlpool Epsom Salt soaks, and Lemongrass essential oils rubbed directly into the sore muscle..... Lemongrass gives an incredible heat sensation and luckily it doesn't cause a rash or any other problems..... i am using a couple drops in the concentrated form, but it can be mixed in some mineral oil 20:1 and still work fine. I don't want someone reading this go run out and get the oil.....and burn the He** out on their skin... I am just sayin'
Had a meeting with my life coach over the phone, it went pretty good. all my paper work from her was sent to Courcoulas's coordinator to be sent to my insurance by this friday, i thought it was last friday..... so i just keep doing what i am doing..... ........ i didn't over eat on Sunday either, i had two parties to go to...... i had a normal breakfast of whole grain double fiber toast, with one egg/1egg white and one slice of low fat cheese before i went to the first party i had my diet sugar free dark chocolate pudding, light whipped topping and 1/2 banana. so that i wouldn't go to the party hungry..... or craving the sweets.... i did NOT nibble at the snacks, but took a small plate had a burger some veggies.... a tablespoon of buffalo chicken dip with 6 tortilla chips..... that is it. for Dinner and second party, had two slices of the best pizza, and later on a small piece of jello poke cake....yummy!! I drank nothing but my green tea..... no sugar or sugar substitute needed. fresh made by me and water. i did NOT eat the chips or nibble there either. I never once felt deprived, or thought i was missing out. and gee what an ending....... The Steelers won.
I have been so busy.......with work, baby sitting, Andrews basketball games...... i really would like a day to stay home and do nothing....... ain'g gonna happen none to soon.
I've been writing this entry for over an hour now, i am so busy here, this never happens this late, but we got some sick boys........ thankfully i have not been ill yet.
hope to blog more later


Patti's Parlor said...

The Steelers won?????

Kellie said...

Thanks Sandi for the update and I am soooo glad you are doing ok! Talk to ya soon!
Luv Ya