Monday, February 16, 2009

Wow Quick Response~Excited!!!!!!

i no sooner posted the previous entry, and Bill calls me from home to let me know i had a message on the answering machine.
My insurance immediately approved my Lap Band surgery. within the next day or two i should be able to set my date.... and discuss what medications i'll need to take after the surgery. thankfully i only need one (blood pressure medicine)
So there was never even a tiny glitch to date during this process and journey. I truly thought the Insurance would take a little longer. I am excited, but truly nothing is really going to change for me other than, and this is a big one, i will need to do clear liquids, and then full liquids, then pureed, then mushy, then soft.... I spoke with Johnny today and he thinks it is great, he said i've been working and educating my self for almost a year. The lap band is not going to make me / keep me healthy. its going to have to be me in my doing what i am doing, exercising, making healthy choices most of the time, journaling, keeping track of my foods, vitamins, meditation..... praying....... I am with many dimensions and angles, the lap band will just be a small part. Well i just got home from work and have to go back early tomorrow morning..... so i think i am going to get a bath and crawl into bed
Good Night

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Patti's Parlor said...

You have all your ducks in a row. No doubt you are ready for the next step. Love you g/f