Saturday, February 07, 2009

I am surrounded

Well i had an entry started for my blog last night, figured i'd finish it at work today, and then post.........well since its changed slightly I gotta start all over again. but i am keeping the title the same.
Last night i received a call from my sweet neighbor lady who wasn't feeling well, since i just got home from Johnny's i told her i'd get a bath and then come down to check her out... she said her throat hurt, her head hurt, she was cold and hot. well her throat was red and swollen, and you could hear that she had nasal congestion by the sound of her voice. I checked her blood pressure and her heart rate and rhythm just to give her peace of mind. She was worried that i'd catch something from her.......but i told her that i've been surrounded by sickness for the past 2 weeks......and if i am going to get something, i am going to get it. (*i talked to her this AM, and she seems to be feeling better)
So i began thinking about how much sickness i have been around lately, and being a nurse, it has been ALOT!!!. I have managed to stay pretty healthy thus far, maybe it is the extra 1000 mg of Vit C that i take faithfully, maybe its the extra fluids i am taking, or the rest i am getting, or the diet I am eating, or the essential oils i rub on my chest every evening.......... and then I started to blog last night about not getting a migraine during last months cycle or this month for that matter.......... well this morning i am talking to Christina about how great it is that i haven't gotten migraines.........and i said hey i even "started" today and no migraine......... well 15 minutes later...... i started to feel a mild headache from eye strain, thinking it was from being on the computer, i get off for a minute.............. and just sit........... and the light show began...... can you believe it..... I immediately took my Maxalt to prevent the headache part from happening. normally if i were home i'd immediately lay down and rest for about an hour........and i wake up like nothing happened........ but now i am at work for 6 more hours...... so i am not sure how this will pan out. and i must say writing on this computer isn't helping much either. and even writing this is taking me forever.

Well today i am doing a double shift at Kiski. most of the boys are off campus so i am not very busy. if Bill comes to visit maybe he and i will walk on campus for a while, it is so warm outside.

*Much Later, I am feeling a little better, Bill should stop in shortly (next 1/2 hour). so that will kill some time.

Have i ever mentioned how smart my brother really is? even after last nights workout, none of my past injuries are hurting me. he has yet to give Chris and I the same workout twice. and even when i beg to differ that i know more....he always puts me in my place. I have always been very strong, and i have lots of muscle mass under this layer of fat....... so i tend to want to lift more weight than i need too...... so this one exercise he gives me 70lbs to work with...... so i do that a few times........and then i start to question

Me: John, can i use 90lbs on the next set, this was too easy
John: No keep it at 70
Me: but......
John: No Sandi, your muscles are so strong you could easily lift 100lbs BUT the ligaments that connect those muscles are not
Me: but....... (* notice how he doesn't give me a chance to talk)
John: that's what causes injury. If you use the 70lbs, slow the movement'll feel it
Me: well.......

okay so he was right....... I slowed the movement of the weight, and i did feel the 70lbs. why do i even try to argue? I get no where with him. LOL. but you gotta love him he is so cute.....right Christina? What Christina said about T.R. is so true, he is so cute, but a trainer he is not.... if you would see him on the street you'd never never ever guess. when he is training his clients he does hang/lean on the equipment and chats about everyday life the entire time...... and there is Johnny...... we have to stay focused 100% of the time, if he does talk it is usually about our technique and such, and we really can't talk back cause we don't have the energy too... i am just sayin'

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