Tuesday, January 06, 2009

~apology to Jeanine~

Dear Jeanine,
I realized you really worked hard on that beautiful green yellow dip with the moss growing in circles around it. I mean the layered mold (mold not meaning the stuff that grows in my refrigerator, but mold meaning shaped bowl) was so beautiful and well presented....... the flavors were ummm........interesting...... what was it Parsley, and Lemon, and Stuff....... I can't help that my tongue did not enjoy what the eyes did. HOWEVER, i should NOT have made such a disgusting face, choke, spin my head around 2 times and puke........it was all reflexes i swear. If i hurt you in any way.... i beg for your forgiveness....... I am sorry!!!!

Now for those who do not know Jeanine.... she is Christina's daughter and she is one hell of a cook and baker. Jeanine loves different foods and she is willing to try different recipes, She makes 4 star Christmas cookies, you know the difficult types, that few of us venture to try and bake. well this umm, not sure what you'd call it was a new recipe she tried....... i accidentally did not like it...... but hey i guess i am not going to like everything ..... right.

Well okay enough about Jeanine, I just got back from the hospital , had my Upper GI and Abdominal Ultrasound. other than my fatty liver, everything else looked good. and the Upper GI showed a insignificant hiatal hernia with minimal regurgitation in the esophagus. as usual my blood work from last month showed "borderline" high triglycerides, good and bad cholesterol. My A1C is 5.2 what will next year show in my blood work........cause when it is all said and done, it isn't about looking good, although that would be nice, it isn't about wearing a size 8 jean, although that would be nice. it is about my health and how i feel.....

I have another doctor appointment this afternoon, and then workout with Johnny...... hopefully the ice/sleet/rain will not make driving treacherous cause if that is the case, i ain't goin' although Chris and I are ready to get in the grove again
Make it a good one folks

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