Friday, January 16, 2009


Okay i must now tell Kim that she will just have to scroll down, cause i don't think i can look at my brothers picture a third day........ scroll kim, scroll!!! I am taking time on my blog this week to talk about some key words/thoughts that will help me to succeed. On my phone I have this picture (katie took of a roller coaster) and the word printed above -->Persevere !!!
You hear so often, (hi Patti) of someone falling off the wagon, and needing to climb back on in their diet journey. well I , like my dear friend Patti, don't like that statement. Okay it is like this,I think life, diets, exercise routines, work, relationships........... have periods of ups and downs. Just before the roller coast starts to climb a steep hill, i don't get off of it and wait until it reaches the top, than somehow climb back on for the decent. When my husband and I go on a road trip and for some reason or other we reach a Road Block. I don't get out of the car and wait for my husband to find/take a detour. ......... No i stay in, I use my tools (map, Magellan, road signs) to figure a way around the Blocked Road. There are obstacles in life, some bigger than others, that will try to defeat even the greatest of plans. But we all have the ability to Persevere beyond them. I am reminded of Melody and her road block called Cancer......her body was being beat to a pulp from the Cancer Chemo battle...... but she fought with a smile. she pushed, she walked miles in the halls, she had a stationary bike in her sterile room. For every bad thing happening, she counteracted it with a positive thought. a positive action. I want to learn from Melody, I am learning from Melody!!!
There isn't one of us here that at one time or another we reach a Road block in our journey to better health. but the difference's between success and failure are how we react to that block. we can choose to whine, make a million excuses, jump off/ fall of the wagon. Or we can take responsibility, dig deep , use our individual tools to push beyond the obstacle we CAN Persevere beyond and above........ I must mention my dear friend Patti again.... one day for her everything just "clicked" as i tell her.. for years she worked, lost some weight..... plateaued a while, ........BUT she never "fell of the wagon"....... she Persevered, and worked, and persevered some more....... she's lost tons of weight, she looks awesome, it didn't happen over night. and even know she has succeeded in the weight loss journey. I am sure she still faces road blocks, and if you read her blog she is aware, if she's ate too much, or didn't exercise enough...... she doesn't wait until she gains 50lbs back...... she, regroups, and does what she has too to maintain her health. You inspire me Patti :0)
Well I got called in to work today, I don't mind though, I love the stress free environment of Kiski School. so i should go get some paperwork done, It is so cold, but i do not mind, actually I love this weather... and then Katie and I are going for groceries, and then Chris and I are going to Johnny's to work out...... tomorrow i'd like to just stay home and chill.......
I am feeling so good........


Anonymous said...

that roller coaster picture,actually doesn't have many ups and downs. just one big up, and one big down. just incase you were wondering! :)
oh and it goes like 100+ mph.
lets go to cedar point now, patti..will you take me? :)

Kim said...

It's all good! I just friended Johnny on Facebook!

Patti's Parlor said...
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Patti's Parlor said...

^^^ that was me. TypoS. Let me try again:

:emotional: Love you g/f.

I've never been to cedar point Princess!

Note to Kimba: Scroll down to Johnnys pic; right click; save picture as (wherever in your docs); Open saved pic from docs; right click; save as background! Wah-la - your very own Johnny Screensaver!!!! You can thank me later.....

Kim said...

You're a love, Patti! But if I do that I may never leave my apartment!

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