Wednesday, January 28, 2009


so while i wait for all of my paperwork to be processed, I've decided to not just sit and i am looking to talk with people who have had the lapband. (good and bad results). i know of a few from around here, and today while Bill was hanging at his office with his co workers (to icy to be out). don't ask me how they got on the subject, but Bill calls me and says hey "buggie"(nickname obviously) wants to talk to you........ so Bugman gets on the phone.....and starts telling me about his daughter in Jersey who had the lapband last September, within 1/2 an hour my phone rings....and it is his daughter....... she has had great success with her lapband, she said exercise routine is a MUST, and listen to the portions allowed with the lapband! She is down 190 lbs yes that is not a misprint. she went from a size 30 to a size 4. WOW is all that I can say. of course i know that this kind of result is not typical. I know a neighbor that lives just a couple of miles away from me had this surgery in early summer, i guess she is down 50lbs..... which is about 10 lbs a month..... I have also spoke to a childhood friend who had the lapband procedure, 5 years ago, lost 90 lbs, had a tummy tuck........ started to really enjoy the party life, drinking and eating bar foods and go figure........her weight is back !!! so far i've heard something from every spectrum ..... Nobody that reads my blog or knows me can truly say that I am going in this blind that is for sure. In the past year i've come to terms that I will ALWAYS need to monitor my weight. Lapband or Not!! my weight will ALWAYS be a problem for me, more like a chronic condition. Not much different that a Diabetic always having to watch, sure they can reverse diabetes problems, gee they can even work themselves off of diabetic medication But they will always be a diabetic. my brother who by the Grace of God was saved from the destruction of Alcohol, (who by the way is almost 10 years sober) will always be an Alcoholic. the second he "thinks " he's not, is when it could really return to haunt him. Therefore I may not always be Obese, but I will Always have the tendency to gain weight.
No Johnny again today..... it was way bad here weather wise, and I didn't do exercise at home either like what i planned...... oh I didn't lie around i've had this urge to really do some deep cleaning, like closets and shelves i haven't touched in years........ then Christina who can be really brilliant at times figured out why.... maybe i didn't realize it, but i could have this surgery from 2 weeks to 2 months from now...... so i am getting my home in "order" so to speak, so i can truly rest during my convalescent period.
.......sometimes she is just so smart :0).

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