Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Life is hard (God is good)

Beautiful winter sunrise the other morning..... I am listening to my Contempary Christian Music station on my comcast TV. and this song sung by Pam Thum, Life is hard (God is good) came on, and what a beautiful song it is. in a nutshell it say's that Jesus never promised and easy life, he just promised we are never alone. And in our faith, i guess that has to be enough. My nephew Alex has been on my mind a lot lately. Friday it will be 3 months that he left this earth..... in the scheme and length of life, that has to be just minutes ago for the family..... And prob a lifetime ago for people not connected to his death. Katie is having such a hard time, she is mad at people at school because everyone seems to forget that Alex died. A young man was killed from Saltsburg High School on January 22, and people are still hurting.. he was racing another student on icy roads...... and lost control of his car and died. I have to explain to Katie that Alex wasn't from around here, and he left when he was 5 years old......... these kids don't remember him...... she is still upset though.... In all honesty, Alex wasn't apart of my life, so his absence doesn't affect me like it would for those that saw him all the time. But i am haunted with the memories of when i did know him..... as an infant, toddler and preschooler...... oh i loved this little man!!! His mom and I were close once..... and i must say, we were different......which would have been fine with his mom,.... but i truly must say ...... i was NOT a good friend, not at all........ I was so insecure back then. I did things that i will take to my grave in regret.... oh i beleive that Alex's mom forgave me, she say's she did, but truly i don't think i've ever forgiven myself...... young stupid kid, that's what i was....... I learned though.......... and now i would fight to the death for my friends! and i've learned to be happy with who i am and what I have, who cares what the world thinks....... I am me, and this is what you get. This poor family in Oregon, losing Alex, how do they go on? i keep them in my prayers.......and i don't pray for the pain to go away, i just pray that God helps them tolerate it, and i pray that God keeps his hand on the brother and sister left behind. The one thing i will always say about my X sister in law Gail........ even when we had our major problems, which we did on and off since we started dating the "brothers". She was and always will be an Awesome mom! She is a great mom........ and she loves her 3 children so completely........ you can see in her face, in all the pictures that i've seen over the years.......her children are her greatest joy!!!

Oh Anonymous, it is so good to hear from you...... i don't know who you are, but you've been in my prayers none the less, i worried when i haven't heard from you..... i just have always sensed that you are a Prayer warrior, and Angel on EArth, just like i sense in Kim's mom....... a prayer warrior on Earth.....

Well my house is clean, i am feeling "okay" have a little more lung congestion today than yesterday...... who know's maybe it's breaking up now........and this is to be expected...... taking my medicine perfect, drinking lots and lots of fluids....... and i am starting to crave foods again.

Kim, i hope that you are feeling better. Kellie, i am so happy to hear that Nathan is hanging on.....obviously you can tell that the "golden girls" love this little boy....... Patti, you have the biggest heart... and Christina reminds me of you........ ain't she a good girl...... but this is what Chris does, if she hears of a problem situation.......she trys to figure out what she could do to make it a little better,

love my Golden Girls

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