Monday, February 25, 2008

Sandi Update

Hi everyone, Christina here again to let you know that our bestest friend Sandi is in the hospital.
As we all know, she's been fighting this pnemonia, asthma, sinus thingy for weeks now. Well, the treatments she's been on don't seem to be doing the job. She's been having some pain and pressure around her ribcage and chest like someone is squeezing her really tight. She called the doctor this afternoon and he said that she should have been feeling way better by now and he said the next step would be to admit and run some tests. I just talked to her a minute ago and she told me that they ran some blood work and did some x-rays so far. The doctor will probably be in to see her in the a.m. Let me tell you, she is NOT a very happy camper right now. The last place she wanted to be was in the hosp. But, it's the best place for her. They need to get a handle on all of this and get her back to normal. You know, the silly Sandi we all know and love!!! The squizzly, Kosher, etc. Sandi! On a positive note, she did say that you can order your food like you're at a restaurant. They give you a menu and you call them between certain hours for your meals and they bring it up. No more ordering the day before. And the beds are sooooo comfy and the nurses are very nice and caring.
Well, that's all I've got for now. I'll keep everyone posted when I get more info!


Kellie said...

Thanks Chris for the update. Please tell her that we love her and want her to get well soon. And do they have kosher meals for her to order?

Anonymous said...

Thank you and please let her know that anonymous sends love and prayers.

Chris said...

Too funny Kellie! I'll pass that along to her along with your best wishes. Thanks!

Thankyou too anonymous! I'm sure Sandi will be touched to know of your concern.