Friday, February 15, 2008

Melody's Mile

yesterday was my first real day of moving all day for over a week. Bill and I had CPR adult, infant and child , AED machine, and basic first aid. Then we went grocery shopping......and then home... i was so tired, had a major asthma attack, even popped benedryl during the day, and used my inhalor 4 times!!! last night i was so Pissed at how i was feeling... i know the flu is a real kicker, especially when it lands in the lungs like this, but gee Sandi, get a grip. i also know that i do have to get moving again, slowly..... and i know that i am not eating right at all, actually i hardly eat, yuck, food has NO appeal to me, nothing...... how in the heck is my body suppposed to get better if i am not eating the right foods..........

........ so in the early hours this guardian angel Melody popped in, and told me to get moving and persevere. I woke this morning with the incredible urge to re-read her journal...... which i did...... i also set my phone to go off every 3 hours with the message "eat protein/drink water. so at 11 am i am scheduled to eat again. (1oz of cheese/ bistro mulitigrain crackers and 16 oz of H20). and this message will alert me again at 2pm and 5pm and 8pm. at 2pm i plan on having a meatloaf(made with turkey) on flax and fiber bread, yellow mustard, and a clementine orange. at 5pm fish and veggies, and 8pm sugar free/fat free vanilla yogert with 1/2 cup of mixed berries...... yuk...... food!!!
for obvious reasons i can't exercise much, maybe i'll get back to some deep breathing/yoga exercises.

Well i hope all my Golden/Silver/Bronze/Platinum Girls and "Stan" have a good weekend. I work all weekend, and i go and babysit a little boy on campus tonight.......... i'll be in touch

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Kellie said...

You are doing the right thing. Keep it up. When you have asthma and get any bug it will settle in your you didn't already know that. But the yoga is wonderful thing. I learned when I had real bad problems with my asthma when I was younger to breath with your diaphragm more. Strengthen your diaphragm and it will help move the gunk out of your lungs and also tone the muscles. Can you see I was studying to be a respiratory patient educator? LOL
Get better Soon and H2O is your friend! Hot tea helps too !!!!!!
Enjoy your weekend
Luv ya