Thursday, February 07, 2008

yada yada yada

Didn't feel like blogging yesterday, worked a few hours last night, it seems to be settling some at work. Jack Hanna was there yesterday, he visits the school quite often, since he graduated there in 1965, He didn't bring the Eagle....... i would have dropped everything to see the eagle.

Katie is on the sweater hop which is Saturday, she is not into school dances, so i am pleased she is going. what a good girl she's turned out to be. I think i'll keep her.

My lungs are NOT clearing up, and i fear I may need those yucky steroids to help with the inflamation, I spent most of the night, awake, coughing and wheezing. Suprisingly i thought i was feeling really good yesterday, but much movement was putting me in a cold sweat.... so i perservere, don't say much........and try and relax

Today, Christina takes me and Drew to Pittsburgh for his appointment, I think we are winding down as far as appointments go!! Christina drives like she lives in Pittsburgh, so I sure appriciate her taking us, I could do it, i've driven it........but i must say i am just slightly in Pittsburgh do NOT go together.... I am just saying. And then we go to Trader Joe's i am so looking forward to the Almond butter...... that taste so yummy, and the fresh salsa, and the flaxseed chips......and the harvati light cheese........ Katie wasn't thrilled with Trader Joes, she said all the food in there was healthy.
Andrew is ALL about healthy he is looking forward to checking it out.... I may see if my doctor has a late afternoon appointment, or i may just whether the storm......... we will see!

I'll let you know how the day went.

Nate, i am glad you are home...... we pray for you all the time.... so be tough!

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Kellie said...

Hey Hope everything went well in Pittsburgh today. And Missy you NEED to go to the DR!!!!!!!! You know as well as I do that if you have to rest and conserve energy just to breath YOU NEED MEDS. I know the Steroid hell but it sure beats not being able to breath. If you are like me when my asthma acts up I am a beeotch to be around. Yes me a beotch totally unlike me!
Take care of yourself!
Love ya