Monday, March 16, 2009

Thrilled, Humbled, Elated, Excited, Amazed, IN love

yep, i am feeling all of this title ALL at the same time. and i am not even sure i can put this into words, God Bless Christina for having to listen to it for the second, third, forth time. Okay everyone knows that i will be losing my job at Kiski, in another 6 weeks, because they are revamping the Nursing Center. I have remained calm because i knew that God would make sure i was put where i am supposed to be, but there is the human side of me that nagged and doubted my core being. So as many know, Thursday i received a call from my old boss at the Methadone Clinic, telling me about a position that may be started where she works. I had the interview at 2 pm today. well this morning my old boss text me telling me the Doctor interviewed a few on Friday, and had a few more to interview this week, but she told me not to worry, just be myself. well i did get nervous, so nervous i had to finish "waiting" at Christina's to make the time before i needed to leave go faster. In the back of my head i remembered that i felt i didn't go to the Methadone Clinic for only six weeks for nothing.......and although i could not see the Divine plan, I knew there was one there. WELL............. I was hired on the Spot!! making 4 dollars more an hour than i do now...... and will be able to double my salary. it wasn't me, it wasn't even the Doctor that hired me, i believe that this IS where God wants me to be at this time. I am so in love with my Friend and Savior. And what is really cool this person believes in thinking outside the box, and he is really into his staff living healthy like we teach others....... he brings fresh fruits, nuts, dried fruits, etc for the patients, he also doesn't want his staff to over indulge on donuts ,and cakes and cookies and takeout foods., he believes in healing the mind, body and spirit at the same time. His philosophy is we all have the same value and worth, it doesn't matter if you are the doctor, or the drug addicted patient, or the patient with depression or bipolar.... I am continually amazed at how God takes care of me as long as i put my faith and trust in Him. I am not religious what so ever, don't even have a church...... but God is showing me that His Church is this world and i am called to let my light shine, not by words, but by actions. I am humbled and honored....... oh i am just rambling....... but i can't help it......and you know what i can't even explain what i am feeling right now...... so i think i'll just stop!!! LOL


Kellie said...

Sandi you are Mahvoulous Dahlingk! I know you know this but I am just sayin. Love ya GF

Patti's Parlor said...

Of course he hired you on the spot! Congrats G/F. It sounds like a great place to work.

Kim said...

Sandi, you're the best! Love ya!