Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Feeling better and better every day

I am feeling so well this morning, i must admit that yesterday i experienced a lot of hunger and nausea, and i think both symptoms are more psychological than physical! i mean i just get sick thinking about clear liquids. today i will have 4 oz of Carnation Instant Breakfast (sugar free)...... i am so excited..... and i will be able to have 2 oz of sugar free yogurt for another meal........ i can also start thin cream soups...... oh boy oh boy!!!!
Physically i am feeling soooooooo good, and the weight, for now, is just dropping off, even with a still bloated belly, I've dropped 20 lbs in the week (*that includes the 10 i gained day of surgery) I am drinking tons of fluids, and i am not even going to explain what digestive waste is like when you only drink clear liquids........ So since last Feb I've dropped 60lbs...... the process of introducing new foods is so painstakingly slow it will be 3 weeks, before i am able to eat regular food at a regular texture. now is important that i get in a lot of protein and for the next few weeks only, i will rely on protein shakes and smoothies. after that they want nutrition to come from real food. I know this is tough right now, but I am tough. and in the scheme of things, a month really isn't that long. esp since I've been working towards this for a year.
next week at this time i can indulge in some Cream of Wheat....... and Mashed potatoes..........
Yesterday Bill dropped me off at Christina's so she could help me take my blood pressure (* i can take it myself, but i can't put the cuff on correctly, so Chris helps with that) Blood pressure is still doing well without me taking my blood pressure medicine. i am taking my chewable vitamins without problems. ........well anyhow, Chris was telling me about this blueberry white tea powder that Megan got that sounded really good, so that and craving a little taste of Paige, sent us down to Megan and Mikes house. ... nothing like a very beautiful happy baby to make hunger go away. and i tried the blueberry tea........... it was delicious, so Megan sent me back with some or should i say sent me back with a lot. it isn't sugar free.......... but low in sugar and i can make a glass taste delicious for about 50 calories... so it is a winner in the numbers department too. But more importantly the visit killed some time. and helped me get rid of some really bad nausea........ (i actually thought i was going to lose it during the afternoon, and throwing up is a big NO NO esp during the first few weeks, )
I am happy....... and today i have so much energy i am going to have to be careful not to lift, push, pull,bend...... cause right now i could head up to my mountain and take a nice walk..
well i think I'll go make my shake........ and go read a book....... I'll get back on to let you know how my tummy handled it

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