Friday, March 20, 2009

~There's no place like home

Your roving reporter is back for a quick morning update. Once again I cut out the field reported and went to the patient directly. Didn’t want to wake her so I sent a text message just incase she was still under the influence. This just in. She’s

tired and drugged up. All tests went well. Should be going home this evening.

Hopefully the Boogie Man remembered to take her ruby slippers because I doubt she’ll be in the mood for a hot air balloon ride.



This just in. Doing well but she has no voice! So many jokes in there but I'll play nice. She'll be home tonight. Sleeping in her own bed. Her and her little dog too. (Okay the dog isn't so little!)

1 comment:

Kim said...

Juneau in a basket on the front of a bike...ha!

I just spoke with her. She sounds raspy but great! And I am sure she misses her home.

Love ya!