Monday, March 30, 2009

Torture or Reality.........

Is it Torture, or is it a fact of life that i am going to have to learn to deal with....... Living in the land of food, without making it a focus.
yesterday i seemed to have company all day long.... oh i didn't mind visits from family and friends, it seems like i was given the allotted time off from surgery, and yesterday was visit Sandi day. Bill was a little hesitant ordering pizza for the guest, but i told him to go ahead I'd be fine..... i mean my home can't stop eating because i am here. Don't get me wrong, the pizza smelled awesome, and looked even better.... and i am just dying to chew food again. so I didn't retreat to the safety of my room, and DVD player...... i prepared my meal to sit and eat with them, my delicious pureed chicken and gravy 1/2 cup and my 1/2 cup of baby food fruit apples and cherries...... if you can get passed the look of my food, the taste is actually very good. i enjoyed my company and later my niece and i went to my room to watch twilight together.... so the focus was NOT on food.
For me to succeed, i can't avoid food or situations involved with food, i must learn to deal with them. now if it was two weeks later, i could have had the topping off of a slice of pizza, and a small salad. right now its not that i am even craving "bad" foods, if there IS such a thing as bad foods, I am craving texture...... from a salad, or a piece of fruit, I want to chew again....... ahhh patience, i need patience!!! it is hard to believe that I am half way there... just a couple more weeks, and later on this week i can add grilled fish, and eggs and they WON'T need to be pureed..... Protein is the key right now....... so i still must rely on my protein shake, each shake i take has 30 grams of protein, and i drink 3 a day. so i am doing well in that department.
Tues, weds, and Thurs. i am going to my new job just to observe and get a feel for what i have to do a few hours each day. i am anxious to learn it.
Tomorrow i am planning on making a Quiche (mushroom and Cheddar) cut it in serving sizes and freeze it........
Physically i am almost to 100% myself not much pain this morning at all.
well i am going to drink my glass of water, and then my protein shake and go read the Twilight book, i am almost finished...........and wait for Katie to wake up so we can chat about her vacation, I am sure glad she is home, i missed her


Kellie said...

Keep it Real Sista!

Kim said...

Hang Tough, Sis! You're motoring right along! Sending some prayers your way!