Wednesday, July 28, 2010


and the statistics would show....... that i spent 45 minutes in my ultimate fat burning zone, I biked 10 miles in 55 minutes, and it felt great.......
I just decided this morning that i would bike the ten mile mark at one time........ i remember trying to talk myself out of it at the 8 mile mark, and again what would be the 9 and 1/2 mile mark.... my legs were burning, my toes were cramping, my right knee started aching.... i had sweat pouring down my face, my hair was soaking wet under my helmet..... and my pulse was racing..... BUT i did it. :-) and i am not going to lie to you, it wasn't easy. I do not take a leisurely bike ride, i ride with a purpose.
........well i came home, iced my knees before i got in my whirlpool tub...... again my knee's were sore from use, and not injured. and today at work other than being a little stiff, nothing hurt. I have hope to hike tomorrow morning.. i plan on doing Melody's Mile this fall, as soon as the weather breaks into cool crisp fall air. so i have a couple months to get/stay in shape for the hiking endeavor.
My bike is at the shop for her first "tune up". with a new bike it is good to break it in for about a month and then re-adjust the cables and such. Hopefully i'll have it back for Friday's bike ride and hopefully a longer bike ride over the weekend. Bill can walk a few miles, to my bike 10 miles so he said he'll just walk where ever.
Well i've had a long day at work, and i am tired, so i'd like to say good night for now

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