Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Think i was bored.....

.... so i decided to play with my blogspot :0). I am loving the bike right now, can't help it.... even when it was humid like today, the breeze from riding keeps me cool, and i can make my body go faster. . . . . Christina, when you want though i can hike early in the morning too. and then i'll bike after that...... the more i exercise the better. i missed doing much exercise this past weekend. Bill's one sister, her husband and granddaughter came for a visit for a few days, and although that didn't directly keep me from getting out on the trail in one form or another, i didn't get out. i was busy with Andrew's graduation party, and getting ready for that. not to mention work, and regular household chores such as laundry and housekeeping. Speaking of Andrew's party, here is the photo of the cake Christina made, He loved this so much.... it was so cute watching the group of "boys" hang around this cake commenting on it......... they hated to cut it, but managed to save Drew and his best friend Tyler. The party was quite nice, and there was so much help, Bill and his family from South Carolina, Albert and his friends, mom and dad, and of course my BFF Christina.

I've got a lot to do in the next couple days and i plan on biking 10 more total miles. and i really would like to hike 6 miles before Friday. Not sure if weather will cooperate as it has been very unstable lately , don't mind the rain, but the thunder and lighting are other issues, as well as the very "heavy" air!!!. have some baking and cooking to to do too...... Bill is doing very well and is working very hard to do what his therapist and doctors say. he is well aware that shoulder surgery can be very tricky, so he is being a good boy..

I do know that I WILL WORK FULL TIME WHEN BILL RETIRES, because the poor boy is driving me insane being together all the time...... there are moments i just don't want to talk and he has to tell me everything he's watched for the day....... " and on judge Judy, and this guy did this on Jerry springer, and Joe Mathis said this, and on the Ellen show she did this funny thing..... you get the picture...... I am going to try and blog more frequently...

And finally why the blog title change........ i have learned not to dwell on the past, and no need to worry about the future....... my goal is the moment, the now.......... And this is Today :0)

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Patti's Parlor said...

Hmmm, Bill is spending his day with Judy, Jerry, Joe and Ellen? Maybe he needs a hobby!