Monday, July 12, 2010


what a wonderfully active weekend, don't think i spent much time home, don't think i did much house work either :0).
On Saturday after we cleaned the office, Bill dropped me and bike off at the trail head, and I road my bike almost home........ 7 miles and get this, in 36 minutes. Bill and my son Sam (who came and helped us clean) would stop at each trail head along the way....... making sure i was "okay". they checked on me three times before i finally stopped just below my house. I must admit the third check point, i so wanted to put my bike back on the car and drive home, my leg muscles were already burning. But i knew I had to push that extra mile or i should say 2. AND I DID IT..... so back home, and my ligaments near my knees were really hurting, again not in an injured kind of way....... but a "damn what did you do to me kind of way". i iced both knees for twenty minutes and then i took a Whirlpool bath for twenty minutes.... my knees are fine, however by the end of the day, I felt every muscle in my lower body.......... man did i hurt........ in such a good way.
Yesterday, I went to Lake Raystown with a co-worker and his wife, we spent the afternoon boating......... it was an incredible day! beautiful, I never realized i'd enjoy boating so much, I planned healthy snacks, fresh fruit, nuts and lowfat cheese, i drank nothing but water, we did burgers and corn on the cob on a charcoal grill for lunch......... back on the boat....... and then we stopped at a great Italian restaurant on the way home.. . it really was a perfect day. Bill did really well with his arm sling....... he is recovering quickly, and listening to his Therapist.
Well i am working today, but will be off work Tuesday and Wednesday........ Andrew's graduation party is this Saturday so i do have alot to do.....
plus i'd really like to get a couple early morning hikes in with Christina ........ how about it Chris???
have a great day today

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Nicole said...

Congrats Andrew!!! WTG to you too Sandi!!! You always amaze me with all of your energy and persistence in trudging through to reach your goal! Love and Miss ya!