Monday, August 02, 2010

So about today........Yesterday!!!

so my about today is actually about yesterday being that i got home late in the evening! Yesterday we spent the day at Lake Raystown! Co worker of mine has a boat docked up there. and this is the second time we've gone with him and his wife in the last few weeks. Funny i did get burnt in spots, a patch on my legs, my forehead, and a little on my cleavage area. a few weeks ago, it was ALL sun and so hot and humid, if the boat wasn't moving, i was dying..... however for comfort, i was slathering on the cool sunscreen every chance i got. Yesterday it was mostly over cast, and actually chilly when the boat was moving. I still applied sun screen every couple of hours.. but obviously not enough. it was so quiet up there this weekend, and it was just beautiful.... we boated for a few hours, went back and had grilled chicken and veggies and corn on the cob and ice cold water, and we went back out on the water for another two hours..... Bill drove the boat for a while, but not me.....i sit up in the absolute front of the boat, and just enjoy the movement of the boat, the wind, and the view........
Surprisingly my body was not too damaged from the 18 mile bike ride the day before... and i have been feeling really good. I should have gone hiking or biking today...... but i spent the morning helping my mother in law, and taking her to the doctors, and all of that. She is ALOT of work, and physically not well. her time is winding down and she knows it. I am proud of Bill, he takes such good care of her. this mom has been difficult to say the least, and she has caused Bill so much heart ache his entire life....... But He takes care of her bills, takes care of her mail and her banking, he deals with all her doctors appointments, makes sure her pills (she take 47 a day) are refilled and ordered, (i get them ready weekly). makes sure her O2 tanks work, and her nurses and cleaning lady is taking care of her correctly. He makes sure that his brother and sister can't steal her money (again). he goes there almost every morning (esp when he is working) brings her coffee and breakfast, checks her pain medicine container, and applies a pain patch every three days........... and she continues to not appreciate it, not be thankful, and usually back stabs him * (his one sister had her on speaker phone so he could hear her slam him. ) and he continues to help her!!....... Bill is a really Good man, and i know as we age, he will always be there to take care of me, and even though i really couldn't wait for him to get back to work, i will always be there for him :0). now enough of that, now where was I, ........ so by the time I could hike it was too hot....... i would have biked, but i needed to catch up on some house work.... all these road trips, and bike trips and boat trips,........ things have gotten a little behind.
well i am really all the sudden tired now.......... so i think i'll call it a night........ good night

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Kellie said...

Love reading your journey. Keep up the good work! You inspire me.