Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hike day ~ Hike day ~ Hike day

So i actually got 3 hikes in a row, all on different trails, and believe it or not, the hardest on me was actually the easiest trail, and that was around the lake at Keystone state park. walking on paved road is actually harder on my shins. I did spend a good thirty minutes in my fat burning "zone" and today Christina actually hit the trail at Conemaugh this morning....... Chris just picks up where she left off :0). Today my shins were really bothering me, prob from the day before. and i realized i never did give my ol' body a day off since the twenty mile bike ride on Saturday. So tomorrow......... body day of rest!. Bill said out of the blue yesterday that i am starting to drop weight again, he can tell...... he wanted to know how much i've lost this month? I told him not sure, and actually won't know if i've dropped any weight until my next appointment in Pittsburgh, which by the way I called to get it scheduled for November.
You know, i can still say without a doubt that the Lapband was the best thing i've ever done, absolutely no regrets. and i still like how it reminds me that i can no longer eat 5 slices of pizza at dinner. Sunday down at Megan's, i was able to eat one and one/half square slice of pizza! oh it was white pizza with fresh tomato's on, and oh did i want to eat way more...... but i could not. and at the baby shower, I had gone for a hike that morning, and did not eat breakfast, or lunch. so when it came time to eat, i ended up getting chicken stuck early on...... sat there miserable, went to the bath room, brought that back up, and then i was able to go eat some fruit salad, and a small piece of pretzel and strawberry dessert. I do have to stay focused, and truly it has became a part of me and who I am.
I have been documenting my exercise, and eating again........ keeping track of what works for me.
Well i think i am going to get a shower, and maybe even take a short nap........ then i'll get the house finished and figure out what is for dinner.

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Patti's Parlor said...

I hope you put "not eating breakfast or lunch" in the *does NOT work* column.
Love you g/f. We MUST MAKE A PLAN for a visit.