Monday, August 23, 2010

Ghost town trail.... hiking

Christina and I have decided to explore some of the local trails instead of going to Conemaugh all the time. this morning we left at 7:30 am, drove 15 miles away to get on one of the trail heads for the Ghost town trail. this is the trail where I did the 20 mile biking trip. it took Us about two hours to do approx 6 miles, Christina a little farther as she walks faster than i do. I do enjoy biking as i can go further to explore a trail. actually i think i did the 20 miles in under two hours. However, I didn't realize how beautiful this trail is. for most of the the three miles out the trail follows Blacklick creek, the sound of the water is so relaxing, there were so many wildflowers on both sides of the trails and the colors are so vibrant as you can tell from the above pictures.
My heart rate stayed in the fat burning mode although on the lower end. and it was harder to tell that there is a two degree uphill grade on feet instead of wheels :0).
I did not sleep well last night, the joint of my big left toe was aching so bad, the pain actually woke me up a few times. Bill said there was one time in my sleep i yelled out and grabbed my toe. It truly did not hurt the first 5 miles of the hike though....... HOWEVER. I need to take care of these feet, so i made an appointment with my foot doctor who did my surgery several years ago to have it checked........ It still feels like my toe is "stoved", wonder if he can yank it back into place. all i know.......... i need my feet to be healthy. Speaking of which, I keep a chart of my cardio exercise....... I can't believe i've hiked or biked 94.5 miles in less than a month I have until
friday to do 5.5 miles to make 100 miles in a month......... if i bike tomorrow, i'll get that easy.
I want to keep this up......... 4 to 6 days a week until my LapBAnd appointment Nov 19th to see if the weight started moving.... bottom line is though....... i feel so damn good.
Have a blessed day


Kellie said...

I sooo love reading about your trail adventures. I am living through your eyes and words for now. I pray that next spring I will be able to do more of the things I used to be able to do. Love ya and keep it up.

Sandi said...

oh kellie, thanks so much, here i was thinking i was boring everyone... so just for you my dear friend i will keep it up.... and praying you can join me for a hike someday........ Love ya

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