Friday, August 13, 2010

I really need to get a Cardio In.

well, i really need to get a Cardio in today, doesn't matter weather it is a Hike, or a Bike ride. I'll text Christina to see if she is awake this morning...... it is beautiful cloudy and breezy this early morning. If not a hike this AM, I'll take my bike with me to work and get in a quick bike ride in after work.
Yesterday i felt out of sorts, woke up feeling out of sorts, actually I got up at 530 watched a movie, fell asleep again until almost 9 am. and woke up Tired. and i spent most of my day feeling not quite right. HOWEVER i woke up this morning bright and chipper.
I truly enjoy my three day work weeks, and i love having the option of working 3 , 6 to 10 hour days instead of working 4 or5 4 to 5hour days. I plan on going in early today as there is alot to do before the weekend.
Oh yeah, my appointment for my Lap Band is set for November 19th. Yesterday i was able to eat normally again, so i have NO idea what happened the day before...... wait yes i do, who am i kidding....... skipping meals, and then trying to take in French toast... was a killer for me :0(. I really really want to try a different Bike Trail this weekend. Maybe even another part of the Ghost Town, or maybe a part on the Allegheny Passage........ or maybe Ohiopyle???
OH and i plan on doing my ten mile hike for Melody first part of October.......... anyone want to go? not sure where i am going just yet....... maybe one of the hiking trails in Ohiopyle, or Laural Mountains.
Please have a wonderful weekend, be safe, and laugh alot.

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