Sunday, August 08, 2010


I not only survived yesterday's twenty mile bike ride, i felt pretty darn good this morning... oh i can tell i am pushing my muscles to a different level, but no damage, or no pain that would be a warning flag. and actually Katie and i went for a quick 40 minute hike this morning, it was a trail that i rarely use... and it truly is up hill, down hill, up hill down hill....... no really level area's. Katie noticed and commented that i didn't seem to be having any problems didn't even really get short of breath. We took Juneau and Izzy with Us. and yes it even wore them out. I felt bad for our very old dog Louie, so we came back to the house, and took him back to the trail across from where we went.. this one is pretty level at first. ... we took Louie about a hundred yards in, and back... he thought he was all that, he was so happy, wagging his tail and all proud. I must say he couldn't of handled much more, and i had to lift and push his butt into the car. .. he was clueless that it was a short walk.. we'll have to do that more often :0).
Had a great day, went to a baby shower, and then spent the afternoon with Megan's family, as her parents will be going back to Alabama tomorrow morning. I really need to concentrate on some intense Hiking/Biking this week, we'll see how it plays out.
Have a great day today and many blessings.......

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