Wednesday, August 11, 2010

And Patti is right :0)

and patti's comment was ---------> Patti's Parlor said...
I hope you put "not eating breakfast or lunch" in the *does NOT work* column.Love you g/f. We MUST MAKE A PLAN for a visit.:xoxo

Yes but of Course my Patti is right yet again........ And i must focus on eating even more now that I am working out so much.... my body's metabolism will slow down instead of speed up if i do not feed it just right.

So yesterday morning I did have my mega-shake Protein powder, skim milk, berries, flax oil. and then a couple hours later i made the mistake and took a bite of French toast that i made the kids. WRONG move. i should have know the first food item after the shake can not be bread, actually IF i am going to eat a little bread, or pasta, it is later in the day and only if i was able to eat small amts of other foods earlier in the day......... well anyhow.. i ended up bringing the Fench Toast up. and for the first time ever........ i really couldn't eat the rest of the day.... oh i tried..... I just couldn't. again i am sure this is because of wrong choices...... or maybe it was a way of God telling me, you do know that God has a sense of humor don't you?, because this happened right after I called to make an appointment for an adjustment in November( make it tighter) Yesterday was a reminder that my Lap Band is working correctly, and i should not schedule in haste an adjustment if it is working just fine right now.
Today is a rest day for my muscles, and i must admit, i almost went for a bike ride this morning.. but my muscles are really fatigued and sore, and that is just inviting an Injury to visit....... not smart.
I think mixing Hiking and Biking is a good thing, and just the different muscles and way you use the muscles......... keeps the body guessing.
well i do have work today....... so i need to first drink my breakfast, and second figure out what i am going to take for lunch and then a load of laundry, doing the dishes, vacuuming the floor.........are all on my to do list.

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