Thursday, August 19, 2010

Why do i blog?

I just realized that I've been faithfully blogging for so long...... didn't realize it has been 4 years. so much has happened, i blogged on and off for a year or so before that, but then the death of Melody Duffalo was the beginning of so many life changing events in my life. wow this December she will be gone 4 years. it was at that time that I knew i needed to honor her memory, and strengthen my body, mind and spirit! looking back, i can't believe how unhealthy i was, it seemed like so long ago. and i sure have come a long way. it is hard to believe that i plan on giving her that 10 mile hike i promised her, in the next several weeks. I just glanced back over the years i've been blogging, and a flood of memories came splashing in..... Bill's parents moving in with us, Andrew and his head injury, Alex and his death, Michael knocking on deaths door, me (the first year) in and out of the hospital for lung issues, stomach issues, sinus issues. gaining my foster son, losing my foster son, incredible friendships..... Patti, Kellie, Kim, Christina, and the "Golden Girls". my journey with the Lap band. my jobs, and vacations, my kids, my husband............. you get the picture. So yeah i blog so friends can "keep" up with my life. But i blog for ME. and the bottom line is, that is what really matters. I ran into a "sweet" friend, Hi Debbie!! and she asked me a question about my bike, wasn't sure how she knew, but she has been faithful and continues to read my blog....... by the way Debbie, that made my day :0). And i do know there are a few people that read this whom i do not even know.... and that is cool too. People who know me, know that my life is pretty much an open book anyhow.
So i am partaking in the Journey called Life.......... and you are all welcome to join me.
Have a great day today.
OH and Big PS, this is a photo i took today while on a "new" trail, the sun was sorta glaring in my eyes, so i couldn't really focus on the creek photo, sorta just aimed my phone and snapped. (didn't bother pulling out my camera for this). when i got back to the car and put the photo on my phone screen saver........ it was then i noticed i took a picture right through a spider web. i think it turned out so cool.
Have a Blessed day


@ly said...

I guess...time flies when Great picture.

Patti's Parlor said...

I like to look back on my blog sometimes too.
We've come a long way baby!
Miss you g/f.