Saturday, August 07, 2010


about today........... i biked 20 miles, and i must admit it was more difficult this week than last week. but i did it! again i was on Ghost Town TRAIL, ( not trial) LOL. and so it was pretty much up hill for ten miles.......... on the way back was easier, but not much....... around mile 14, my right foot started to cause me some serious pain, hmm, not even putting weight on my feet. I made it back to the car in about 1 hour and 50 minutes... got my bike on the rack, made it to the car, took off my shoes....... and i got what you would call a Charlie Horse in my foot and ankle area........ it hurt so bad. funny i am only 15 miles from the trail, which is shorter than what i drove on my bike. I could absolutely not walk, even if i tried it cramped up so bad, ten minutes later i made it to the recliner, elevated it, iced it for a while, and then started moving my foot in all directions... after about two hours, i was able to walk on it, it hurts,but just like an over used muscle feels. I don't think i'll go past 20 miles for a month, i need to continue to build and condition..... i bet 10 miles is gonna feel pretty easy though....
it has been a good day........ and i am enjoying it. hope you are too....... blessings