Wednesday, August 25, 2010

100+ miles in less than a month :0)

102 miles to be exact. these miles were accumulated by hiking and biking. And my goal is to have more miles next month. Early this morning I called Christina, she had a long night so would not be able to go since i was going so early. now normally i would have been "yesss, i can catch up on house work" and use her not going as an excuse for me to not go too. However, I am on such a grove, i didn't want to miss. I was going to bike, but i forgot that Bill has the Jeep with the bike rack. so again for a split second i thought i'd just stay home and do some extra housework before i go into the office....... and then i just thought what the Hell......... i got ready and was on the trail before 7:30 this morning. A solo hike was very nice actually, and it was so beautiful today. the photo above is a shot from the river bank. and the shot below was a shot into the woods just as the sun was coming up.... BEAUTIFUL.

I feel pretty good today, and the muscles aren't even aching. My foot is even........."fair". tomorrow i go to the foot doctor, and i'll keep that appointment regardless how it is feeling,... just want to be sure it is okay.

well i'm off to work, please have a beautiful day....... think of something you are thankful for.....

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