Monday, August 16, 2010

Now i wished I biked today ;-)

But nope, I left it at home and did the hike today. Oh it was a nice 7 mile hike, but we were moving for 2 and 1/2 hours , I truly did feel good, slow and steady... with two miles to go, my big left toe started cramping A>L>O>T!!! I wore some hiking boots that i stopped using months ago, and forgot why, Now i remember, the last time i wore them on a longer hike the same thing happened. the boots are so sturdy they seem to prevent my toes from bending in my natural gait. five miles and less don't seem to be a problem. So anyhow..... i send Christina a text last night......... " that i was dropping Sammy off at football early then coming there to do a 5 to 7 mile hike. No where did i ever say a short hike, this am as we are sitting there drinking final coffee, i never said any where "a short hike". well because her mind wanted a "short" hike. she decided somewhere i must have said a short hike....... yup that is why i took my monster Camelbak back pack today, completely packed including 72 oz of water.... so we park, and we start on the trail, we come to the road..... we continue....... we get to conemaugh dam area... we continue...... head down the hill.............. we continue..... head up around the curve and toward Bitch hill, Christina say's ....... "i'm not doing that hill" Christina heads up the hill to the top of the "Bitch" hill.... I must say Chris really moves too........ quite a fast hiker :0). I get to the top, and realize......... we have to go back from where we came, unless of course i call my daughter to come and pick us up at Conemaugh.... of course we did not...... i stayed in the fat burning zone for 2 hours and 20 minutes. out of 2 hours and 30 minutes..... pretty damn good. The cramping started about the last two miles back..... and even when i got home bathed and chilled, even trying to take a nap, my toe was throbbing sooooo bad, i couldn't even sleep. when Bill gets home i'll have him rub some george lotion into it...... it just has to work itself out.. . . . and i just want to thank Christina for going along this journey with me, it sure makes it fun...... and even if she did "whine" alot.... i know deep down she feels good that she went that far...... and would do it again......
have a great day folks

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