Tuesday, September 02, 2008

God's Grace

I am 41 years old, and I never fail to be totally amazed at the Grace God has for me.... and I never fail to be absolutely totally amazed that He, in His Divine wisdom knows what is best for me. This "new" job has come at me out of the blue basically, and I wasn't even sure i wanted it, but i knew that If my husband was going to work more hours to support our family, well dang i was going to help him. This morning i was on my own at the Methadone Clinic, my new title is Narcotics Nurse!!!! I was so scared, there is so much responsibility, from shutting down the alarms, to opening a safe, to starting the computer, to prepping the Methadone machine...... along with a million other must do situations... I was just like....... Okay God, you gotta be with me here, i only had one other day where i was kinda sorta on my own...... I did absolutely fine. and i love love love the one on one that i have with the clients., I believe every human being on this earth deserves respect and empathy from each other. it doesn't matter that they may be facing the lowest most degrading point in their lives, I am honored to treat them. I just know that I am where God wants me to be at this moment.......... we will see what will happen. Cause i love Kiski too.......... and in general my jobs are polar opposites, Kiski i am working with some of the wealthiest people in the world, .... My methadone job, i am working with the poorest. *as a rule.

I am wearing down, i've been on the go since 4:30 this morning, and i may be here at work until 9 0r 10pm. I am exhausted!!! Kim and Christina, if your phones rang only once at your home this evening......it was me! I had to hang up because dang it was busy here. And Patti I am sorry that our conversation was cut short, but then i had to answer the phone. i hope to get in touch with you all before i leave on Friday. if not, I will try to blog while i am gone. Say a little prayer that Hanna dies off before our vacation,

Well i am so ready for bed, hope my boss comes home soon..... not sure how much longer i am going to stay awake :0)

Good night


Patti's Parlor said...

At least we got to say hello!
I didn't get a chance to ask how Katie's Birthday was. Katie?

Kim said...

I love you, girl! You're a great nurse and I think you will be a shining light at that clinic. I really think the Lord has you there for a reason.
Love you!!