Sunday, September 14, 2008

There is no place like home!!!

No matter how WONDERFUL vacation was, how beautiful the beach was, how relaxing I felt... towards the end of vacation i was looking for my ruby slippers....... as i close my eyes and click my heels chanting........"there is no place like home! there is no place like home! Let me say yet again it was a beautiful relaxing vacation. i read two books and 1/2 of a third. I spent hours just watching the ocean... and walking along the beach. But it was good to come home and see my "boys". and slip silently into my routine without anyone noticing........ i cleaned the kitchen, did a load of laundry, swept the floor, and took inventory on the groceries i need to buy... I "fixed" Sam's eyebrows, took Andrew's girlfriend home... fixed my bed, folded and put laundry away, watered the plants... two beyond help!... and took a nice bath in my tub....... i go to work tomorrow at 4am, and then to the doctors for my "every 12 week check up". and I NEED to get groceries..... And .........and...........and, i wouldn't change my life for anyone Else's in the world!!! :0).

God please tell Alex Happy Birthday for me...... He would have been 19 years old today. I've kept his mom and dad and brother and sister and other family and friends in my thoughts and prayers today..... i can only imagine the pain, and even that is insignificant. Alex, i went to your first 5 birthdays........ i am sorry i let the others slip by, so what if me and Uncle Albert were Divorced........ you were still my nephew. i am going to try really hard to remember the ones i love more often. i had the honor of seeing your brother and sister over the summer, I actually got to see them a few times...... you'll be proud of them, Gabi talks about you frequently and Seth is such a good big brother to her..... Really cool kids Alex.

Maybe it was because my thoughts were deep with Alex, that i came home and didn't mind that 4 men lived here for a week, So what that my floor hadn't been swept for 10 days. ( because of the dogs i sweep twice a day usually). so what that crumbs and dishes were every where, so what that my beautiful hanging plants were dead on the porch......... NONE of it mattered....... having my family here and healthy, that is what matters.

well i should get off of here and get ready for bed. 4 am comes pretty early.

Hi Golden Girls, hope all is well, So Megan waited for me to get home before the little baby is here......... i had a dream she had it the other day. I've always said that she was having a "girl" from day one... but in my dream he was a boy...... that looked exactly like Michael dark eyes and dark hair. Patti have fun on vacation. Kellie.....hang tough and do what you gotta do, dig deep are awesome and i luv ya. and Kimmie, hang tough in that job..... and i know you are prob already ahead in school by ummm 12 weeks :0).

Talk to you all later


Chris said...

Seeing those ruby red slippers reminds me that we're "off to see Wicked" soon!!

Chris said...

It's me again....they also remind me of when Katie was a wee little girl and she used to think she was Dorothy. Remember you had to put braids in her hair and we had to call her Dorothy for months!
Too cute!

Sandi said...

Oh my Gosh, i almost forgot...... i do remember now. and I used to like to go HE HE HE my pretty,(in the Witch voice)... and it would scare baby andrew at the time