Friday, September 19, 2008

Yeah.....HE is backkkkkkk!!!

Bill came home this morning, I am so happy to have him back, yes i missed the boy. I left for the beach on Sept 5th, I returned on September 14th, he left for hazard response/storm duty for the Electric company on September 15th..... Bill and I rarely spend any time apart. In the 7 years of Marriage i could count on my hands the days we weren't together, he on storm duty and me with occasional "girl" weekends. oh we have our days, and there are times i don't even want to look at him. but i must say, we are really comfortable with each other, really comfortable to be together... from grocery shopping to, driving somewhere, or just sitting and watching TV... it is usually good :0)

Sadness occurred during his Storm duty. I guess an electric company worker, doing the same job as Bill and Albert. Was Electrocuted on Tuesday. he wasn't from our area or district, i think he came from out East. He was in his 30's and a Husband and Father of 3. I don't know his name, and it isn't necessary to know his name to Pray for His family on such a sad time. I guess I forget to realize the danger that these men face. esp the first responders, which is Bill. their job is to go ahead and find the live down wires, and stay there and wait for the linemen to come and kill it. Bill said he is super cautious.... and there was a time in the middle of the night where a dispatcher wanted him and Albert to get out of the truck go into the dark woods and find out the number on the pole. Bill refused, he told him it was too dark, and he didn't have the correct equipment to proceed. He said this was asked of him the day after the young man died. don't they learn.

So we take for granted that we flick a switch and the light comes on. touch the remote and there is the TV. turn a knob and there is water. The refrigerator keeps our foods cold or frozen. So BAM it is gone, and we want immediate results....... i guess i might be more patient next time, knowing there are men and women out there working hard to find the problem. and working with "Live" wires is a very dangerous thing.

Bill brought me to work, and then i think we may go get a few groceries. Since this is a busy time, the kids have been eating simple meals and snacks. so i've been getting 90% healthy foods for them to snack on .......lots of fruits, and whole grains, and low fat dairy.... actually my light yogurt is Loved by Andrew so i am going to have to double up on that. well i am going to get going and do a few things her at Kiski, after all I am at work :0)

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