Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Moving like the Turtle~

yup that is me, s.l.o.w. and steady!!! my weight loss that is. Today I lost 1.7 lbs. I have lost between one and two pounds EVERY week since i began this, I've never done this before, even when i went to weight watchers, or when i was tracking with CK. I'd lose a couple, stay the same, gain one or two, lose a couple, lose a bunch. Stay the same, stay the same, lose one,gain 3......... you get the picture. This time it is just a steady 1-2lbs, usually 1.5 a week! Maybe I am not running like the Hare as far as my weight loss is concerned...... But if i remember correctly, I think in the little Fable, the Turtle wins the race !!!!

Today was an intense session with Aime my "diet" coach. We talked about Changes that will occur as I lose more and more weight. Will my husband become insecure as my body image of my self changes?.... Once i lose the protection of fat, will i be able to handle being a thinner person.? Will I have family support during and after the surgery? We also got into some other deep issues....... it was a good session. I told Christina today.......... there can't be another more right way to do this, than what i am doing right now. and if anybody even thinks i am going into this without my eyes open....... oh my. i never got this deep in Weight Watchers, or Curves, or CK, or Atkins, . I must say though, what a fun journey I am having......... i really am.

Beth and I went for our hike this am before i went to Pittsburgh. and we scheduled to go again on Friday morning before I go to work.... .lets face it, i am so busy I have to schedule my exercise time. Johnny my bro called me yesterday......and reminded me that he is ready for me again... and he has invited Christina to join me.... he thinks with the two of Us, we will encourage each other to get there twice a week. He said, you know, Chris and You will NOT be on the same program, it doesn't work that way. She will have different needs and goals, different body type.... So He will train her too.......... Yeah!!

This is when i start to get the "lung/sinus/asthma thing. so my doctor is trying to be proactive with me..... and we are going to be on it like white on rice.

Well i am going to get going now..... Make it a good one. Gee I've missed Kellie's call, and Patti's call......... hopefully, hopefully, I'll get in touch with you guys tomorrow. Today i haven't been home until now 8pm.


Patti's Parlor said...

Oh can I join you and Chris and Johnny too?
You are doing awesome g/f.

Kim said...

Congratulations again on the weight loss! I'm glad you're having fun!
Love ya!

Kellie said...

Hey there WTG on the loss! I will be around all day tomorrow. Call my cell if you can.