Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sitting on a gold mine

my little town is becoming a "place to go" for hiking, biking, walking, canoeing. we sit right in the middle of all these trails going in all directions. we have the river, and many creeks. As the trails go, we have miles and miles, some easy. some with killer hills, All with awesome scenery and wildlife in abundance. Yesterday i went walking on a newer section of the trail. It was absolutely beautiful yesterday morning. and the fresh fall smell in the air was invigorating. As you leave the parking area, this trail has a steady UPgrade, it's not like it is noticeable at first, but, my body, heart and lungs noticed it..... I was definitely working out.... and i am thinking....... "wow, i am really out of shape, until i noticed that i have been walking "up hill" for almost 2 miles. the return trip was nice though, and i didn't feel so dead when i got back to the car.
yesterday at Dinner, i ate TOO much for the first time in several months, I will calculate everything this morning and see how much damage was done, there is no sense in cheating myself, therefore I'll face the music tomorrow with my Diet Coach.... I know this much, a meal like yesterday would have been stalled with the lap band, oh i could have eaten the same amount of food, just not in one sitting.

i would like to hike again this morning. Chris, are you going to Meg's appointment? and I am meeting my friend Beth tomorrow morning for another hike. There are so many bear around right now, i don't want to hike by myself if i can help it. If not, I'll wait for Bill or Katie to get home. or i could take the Dogs......... hmmmmmm what to do~?

Well the boys are in school, Katie is getting ready to go to work, so I'll get some quality time to clean and maybe have some Me time :0)

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