Friday, May 16, 2008


I remember, oh about 7 years ago. Katie had these sleepovers all the time. Usually I took the van and picked them up, and I cooked for them, and baked for them, there would be 6 or 7, eleven year old girls, running around and squealing and screaming, I'd be in bed and at midnight I'd still hear giggles and thumps, one in the morning.... still the same noise... I am not sure how they went to sleep, or when, but by morning, I'd come out to girls on couches, and on the floor, and on the chairs sound asleep. their innocent faces, and messy hair. they would slowly wake up to the smell of Cinnamon rolls, and bacon......... and the chatting would begin again.
This same group of girls, oh they've had their share of problems and fights, and even breaking off of the "girl click" for a steady boyfriend or two. But these girls always seem to come back to each other. Today my daughter left with these same girls from my home for their senior trip, They spent the night together. The changes were....... first of all they couldn't come early, some worked, some had the school concert to attend, some made a promise to her uncle that she'd come and watch the penguin game with him (that would be Katie). ... but at 9:45 last night, they started coming in, and then Katie and Brandi (first girl here) decided to go pick up the other girls so they didn't have to take all the cars in the morning....... you see Katie went, not me........ I went to bed, and didn't fall asleep until i knew they made it back safe...... a trail of duffel bags, and blankets and pillows, quietly went to the game room, put in a movie and chatted with soft voices for an hour or two so they say, They wake up slowly, with innocent faces and messy hair to cinnamon rolls in the oven.... in a rush, they take the rolls with them, wrapped in aluminum foil, i wet a few paper towels and put them in a zip lock baggie, (for their sticky hands you know! )....... and they rush out the door with a trail of duffel bags, blankets and pillows to catch the bus for their senior trip. Katie comes back, and hugs me and kisses me on the cheek, and says "bye I love you mom" ....... okay maybe somethings don't have to change!!!

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Kellie said...

Stop it! You're making me tear up. Next year when I am going through this I am gonna get you back with my sappy emotions. I have been through this with Aaron but it just seems different with Jessica. Gotta love em all!