Saturday, May 24, 2008

my right knee is so jealous!!!!

dang right knee, it has been so jealous lately because i've been rubbing "George" on my left knee, and i've been wearing a special patella brace on my left knee, and when i am doing steps or walking i've been "gingerly" using my left knee...........So NOW the right knee decides to get some attention!! Okay so maybe it doesn't work like that, but I've been protecting my left knee so much that i've over compensated using my right knee too much. Yesterday it started hurting so bad, that i wanted to scream when i bent my knee to sit, or flexed my knee to stand! So i am going to get another patella strap, use my bengay or George on both knees, and just limit the amount of steps and exercises that cause strain to the knees. i know that this strain is coming from being overweight. My muscles and my mind are so much stronger than my joints and ligaments. My brother says i have very "strong" muscles underneath this fat that I carry. He has modified my exercises. And he said that i need to "modify" my work schedule and stop working morning until night :0) . Well i think i am done with the double shifts now, I work every day next week Mon, Tues, weds at Kiski, Thurs and Fri babysit.... then i should have a month of not working much! but who knows what will happen

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